Hydrostatic & CCTV drain surveys

One of the main causes of “Subsidence” in structures is escape of water from leaking drains and or water services.

Subsidence due to escape of water

To identify if any services are leaking we can carry out tests. All our investigative works are carried out in-house. These test include:

Hydrostatic drains test. This is a pressure test placed on a pipe run using a head of water. The results of which will determine if your drain network is leaking, where it is leaking and how bad the leak is.

CCTV drain survey. A camera is inserted into the drain run and records a video showing the integrity of the drain pipe.

Pressure test on a water service. The water service to the property can be tested for leaks by placing a pressure gauge on the system. If the pressure level drops then you have a leak.

Escape of water from defective drains can cause significant damage to structures by washing out or weakening the bearing capacity of the ground. Where this happens close to foundations it can cause downward movement of foundations and walls (subsidence) creating structural cracking to the property.